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Nearly nine-tenths of Nova Scotia’s landmass is unsuitable for agriculture.Most of the southern peninsula rests upon acidic granite, and a large part of Cape Breton Island is mountainous, forested terrain of acidic and metamorphic rock.Many of Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq people now live on reservations.About one-eighth of Nova Scotia’s population is at least partially descended from the Acadian French, some of whom returned from exile after the end of French-English conflict in North America in 1763.

Softwoods are by far the most numerous, led by species of balsam, spruce, hemlock, and pine; birch and maple make up most of the hardwoods.Animal life includes such game species as deer and moose and, among the birds, partridge, pheasant, and duck.Mi’kmaq people had occupied the area for centuries before the arrival of the first Europeans in the late 15th century.Bras d’Or on Cape Breton Island, is saline, connected to the Atlantic Ocean through three short channels.Many intruding heads of land make the lake’s 424 square miles (1,098 square km) a geographic complexity.

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Urbanization was an important trend during the 20th century, but nearly one-half of Nova Scotians still live outside major population centres.

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